ispell. installing it...

  ordep 08:58 20 May 2003

I've d/l ispell & its in winzip but, there is no "install" button that I can see, & I dont think ispell comes as exe.

So, how do you install it...

  Gongoozler 09:33 20 May 2003

Hi ordep. Have you unzipped ispell. You will need an unzip utility to do it (I think Windows XP has an unzip in it, but as I'm on Windows 98 I can't be sure). When you unzip it, you will propably be given a destination choice, if so select a Temp folder, or it may self install. If you unzip to a Temp folder you may find an installation instruction file. There may also be an install.exe or setup.exe file. If there is, double click on that to install it.

  Gongoozler 09:38 20 May 2003

ordep, I just looked at this site click here, and I think it is saying that ispell will not work on Windows XP or Windows 2000.

  Eagie 09:43 20 May 2003

I've just download iespell from their site click here and it came as an exe file about 2.3mb in size. It installed ok on my work machine (win98) and I already have it running at hime (win xp).

  Eagie 09:44 20 May 2003

But clearly didn't use IESpell on that lost post as it would have spotted that my 'home' turned into a 'hime'!

  ordep 09:55 20 May 2003

Hi Gongoozler.

Thanks for your input. I dont now why but, I've always had probs installing ispell.
I find there web page confusing to say the least.

I had this installed in XP before but, I had to reformat, so lost it of course.

Ive put it in "my docs" and it presents me with 86 files, none of which has a exe.

Winzip installs most things, so I dont no....

  ordep 10:12 20 May 2003

Thanks Eagie. Just what I was looking for except, its grayed out in OE, had this prob before to, but I cant remember the solution.
Working here though.

  Djohn 10:16 20 May 2003

As others say, download iespell to your download folder or desktop, then give it a click and it will self install. Excellent little program, don't forget the first time you use it, go to options and change dictionary to english UK. J.

  ordep 11:01 20 May 2003

Thanks Djohn. As you say excellent bit of kit. And as the worlds worst speller, I can say that with some orthoraty.

Still got this grayed out prob in OE though.

  Eagie 11:35 20 May 2003

Do you really need IESpell in OE as OE has it's own spell checker?

  ordep 11:39 20 May 2003

Didn't know that Eagie, wheres that then..

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