ISP Zombies

  EdFrench 19:16 08 May 2005

Most posters on this forum, whether helpers or helped, are pretty good at maintaining security on their own PC's. It may be however, that we are being let down by the very people who take our money to provide us with access the the net.
Recently I have started to recieve 'Undeliverable' reports in my inbox regarding emails to people I have never sent email to, ever. These are multiple recipient emailings with up to 12 recipients each time.The frequency of these reports is growing over time.
I have all the usual tools installed to keep my PC clean. I am extremely diligent when it comes to protecing my privacy and keeping things secure.
Upon closer inspection I found that these emails were posted from what I thought was a closed account. They originate from an email account I had over 18 months ago with a previous ISP. I have changed ISP's quite a few times over the past couple of years. I set up a new account in my email client using the old details - (I remembered my Password!) - and found that the account was indeed still active and being used as a Zombie account to spread spam. I have emailed the ISP with instructions to close the account down but as yet, they have not bothered to answer me. The account is STILL active and spewing spam.
I wonder how many 'dormant' accounts there actually are sitting on servers across the world being used like for this purpose?
Help to minimise spam and check old accounts. If yopu find any still active then email the ISP.

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