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  r3v 18:46 03 Apr 2005

are there any issues relating to the use of

click here

with a pipex 1mb connection. Does one computer need to be set up as a server and left on all the time.

  LastChip 19:17 03 Apr 2005

First. Your Router will connect to the Internet, so you do not require a server.

Second. I see no reason that it shouldn't work with Pipex.

Third. click here for a thread related to the DG834GT. This is the double speed version of what you are considering and clearly has some problems. However, your version may not be suffering the same fate! It may be worth a web search though, just to confirm it's not riddled with potential problems.

If there are problems, you may wish to consider one of the Belkin range, which seem really hassle free for home use.

  Forum Editor 23:32 03 Apr 2005

with this excellent router which - as far as I'm aware - doesn't suffer from the same problems as the 'T' version.

I have in fact used both versions, and haven't experienced any problems at all.

  r3v 00:05 04 Apr 2005

i have a 1mb connex, if im the only person connected will i be able to use the full speed of the line as usual???? I'm aware it'll be slower when some1 else is using the connex.

  LastChip 00:20 04 Apr 2005

Your connection speed wont change, but the speed at which data is transmitted across the network has a theoretical maximum limit of 54Mbs. In practice, you wont reach this limit and therefore, a wireless network connection will always be slower than a wired network.

However, the speed at which sites load have all sorts of variables to consider, so in practice, you will see little difference. The major difference you will see, between a Wired and wireless network is the transfer of large files - typically graphics or video, and there is a significant difference in speed.

  Forum Editor 00:24 04 Apr 2005

An excellent response, if I may say so.

  LastChip 00:32 04 Apr 2005

Thank you.

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