ISP supporting Windows 95?

  Newuser3068 12:44 14 Apr 2005

An old couple (87 and 90!) who are neighbours of mine want to learn how to use a computer so they can email their grandchildren in the USA. They have been given a 10-year-old computer to see whether they can cope with using it, before they spend money on a new one. The computer runs Windows 95.
I have been trying to create an email account for them with Wanadoo, but I can't get their free CD to work properly on a Win 95 system.
Can anyone suggest how I can get a free (phone charges only) email account set up on this old machine, so this couple can try their hand at email?
Outlook Express is already resident on the machine.
Thanks for any ideas!

  Newuser3068 13:46 14 Apr 2005

I have pop3 and smtp settings for Wanadoo, and a dialup number, but no account name or password. How can I establish an account and get these without being able to visit their website (because I have no dialup account!)? It seems like Catch 22!

  Newuser3068 13:51 14 Apr 2005

I do understand what you say about old computers not being suitable for beginners. But this is a very elderly couple without a great deal of money. The last thing they want to do is to lash out several hundred pounds on a new computer, only to find in a few weeks or months that they really can't get on with it.
Neither of them has so much as touched a computer before. So I am actually very dubious as to whether they will be able use on. But they do deserve the chance to try.
Thanks for your help - I'll follow your advice.

  Newuser3068 14:26 14 Apr 2005

Many thanks for your help, guys.

  woodchip 14:30 14 Apr 2005

As above, If it's just a Dial-Up connection. You need the ISP phone number the Password and POP and SMTP for sending and receiving mail

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