ISP Supplied E-Mail Account

  B33J 09:17 12 Dec 2007

My dad has been having some trouble with his broadband supplier so has decided to move to a new one. He has been using the e-mail addressed supplied by the ISP and is worried that when he disconnects from the supplier he will lose his e-mail account and have to inform everyone that he has a new address.

I felt that that would not happen and that he would be able to keep his old address as it is not as if it costs anything to have an e-mail account (I am with Hotmail and have never paid a penny for it). I was not sure that this was the case however and needed some clarification before I told my dad to just go ahead and leave.

  johnnyrocker 09:27 12 Dec 2007

he will lose hie e mail account in time as one isp does not like another isp' mail he will have to ask when they will close the mailbox in order to advise others, you mention 'hotmail' the difference is that is web based and not hosted by a particular isp which is the difference. he may ( for a fee ) be able to keep mail address but he would need to ask.


  laurie53 10:13 12 Dec 2007

I've never used an ISP provided e-mail account for this very reason.

Over the last ten years or so I've had half a dozen ISPs and would be forever changing my e-mail address.

I'm currently with Orange, and none of their web pages are even among my bookmarks.

  anskyber 10:15 12 Dec 2007

ISP's vary some stop the account immediately others let it run on for a while. Ultimately it will go.

  Technotiger 10:49 12 Dec 2007

He should ask for a MAC Code from his old ISP, for him to forward on to his new ISP, this makes the change-over go more smoothly. His old ISP is obliged to provide him with the MAC code, though this can take up to five days.

  Technotiger 10:51 12 Dec 2007

Forgot to mention - he will be given a new email address, but it only takes one short email from him, to all his contacts to let them know his new address.

  clock 11:13 12 Dec 2007

Your thread rang a bell with me. I have one or two "dead" e-mail addresses so looked into this and found I hadn't changed to my new one on some important web pages. So that's why they haven't been sending me info!!!!

Thanks for the memory jogger and I think it proves that your Dad will have to let all his contacts know his new e-mail address as per the last posting.


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