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ISP software finds "new" modem every time

  zoobie 19:58 14 Sep 2003

My ISP software finds a "new" modem at every startup...Of course, it's the same old modem. I only have one installed. Then, it configures itself to work with the "new" modem. I've tried contacting the ISP (Walmart Connect/AOL) but they just send a form response which doesn't cover this.
Any ideas out there on how to fix this?


  gold 47 22:29 14 Sep 2003

Check in device manager that your modem is installed sounds like it isn't.

  zoobie 23:09 14 Sep 2003

Yep...I already did...It's installed.

  gold 47 19:22 15 Sep 2003

Sorry zoobie you haven't had much of a responce i will put it back to the first page.

  zoobie 01:57 16 Sep 2003

It's still doing it on every startup...I'll have to just leave the box on until it's fixed. Otherwise, it may take me up to 30 minutes to get online...because when it does this, it also causes errors in the program and can't connect.

  zoobie 06:02 16 Sep 2003

..and then I have to restart...thusly starting the whole loop again...

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