ISP with no 2 hour disconnect?

  Brazils 17:43 20 Jul 2003

I am with Virgin, and my 24seven account auto disconnects every 2 hours. This is part of their terms and conditions.

Does anyone know of a good ISP that offers a 24/7 package that allows you to stay online longer?

I play Generals online, and most games last over 2 hours.

I am unable to get broadband where I live.


  goonerbill 18:02 20 Jul 2003

i use AOL and very rarely get disconnected. can lose connection on the odd occation but have left pc running for hours doing downloads ( last weekend downloaded 30+mb's of updates for windows, left pc running when i went out for 3hrs + and connection was still up and running).

believe freeserve is the same, maybe someone else can confirm that though.

  simonp1 18:03 20 Jul 2003
  simonp1 18:09 20 Jul 2003

sorry about that cat jumped on keyboard.

I use zen internet bb, excellent. The above link is for their dial service, very good i hear. Zen is used by many gamers because of speeds and connections. I would strongly suggest you do not put AOL on your system for many reasons but as a gamer you will find them to slow anyway.

click here this is where some of the people from the old pc adviser games room hang out. If your into games this might be a good place for you.

  Djohn 18:09 20 Jul 2003

The only one I know of is AOL, you can stay on 24/7, no cut-off as long as you are using the service. I often stay on-line for 12 hours or more, the only time you see a message asking if you wish to stay on-line, is if you are not active, this message can vary from once every 10 minutes to once a day. Just click yes! and they allow you to stay on.

If you accidentally drop your connection, then AOL auto. re-dials for you, you don't even lose your display while this is happening, and can carry on reading/writing to the page.

I know a few people knock AOL, but I've been with them for two years, never had a single problem, even when testing new software for them, at times I would have up to 5 different versions of AOL on my PC each one working separately, [Not at the same time though] j.

  Megatyte 18:15 20 Jul 2003

Try PlusNet.

click here

No cut-off, choice of packages and a lot of nice little extras.


  Megatyte 18:17 20 Jul 2003

I forgot. With Plus the hours between 1am and 7am are free(they don't go against your allocated usage)


  Bodi 18:32 20 Jul 2003

That's what I'm using and ditto to everything you wrote.


  Brazils 19:31 20 Jul 2003

Thanks everyone.
I would not use AOL though. Nothing personal :-)

  Brazils 19:37 20 Jul 2003

I really dont want an ISP where I have to pay phone charges by the minute. (Zen)

Virgin cost £13.49 with no phone charges.

I'll have a good look at Plus'

Maybe I'll have to put up with the 2 hour thing!

  Patr100 20:22 20 Jul 2003

Firenet have a 4 hour disconnect with their Fire Plus 2 option. click here

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