ISP and monthly usage

  diode 16:10 20 Jan 2005

I am looking to change ISPs and I note that a few have a monthly useage limit. Is there any software available that I could download to keep a tally on my useage per month. I have four computers on a network connected to the internet via a modem router, so I assume I would have to run the software (if available) on each one and add them together to get the total useage.

  Chezdez 16:14 20 Jan 2005

why not just get one without a monthly limit?

then you'll have nothing to worry about!! :D

  diode 16:17 20 Jan 2005

I just thought if I could find a reliable ISP at a good price that has a limit that I am not likely to exceed why not give it a try.

  SANTOS7 16:18 20 Jan 2005

click here
this should help but i agree with chezdez unlimited IP packages are now very affordable,good luck.....

  Chezdez 16:23 20 Jan 2005

to be fair, there is very little difference in the prices of those with limts and those without

i use Pipex click here my self, £23.44 for a 512Kbps connection, great speed, reliabilty isn't a problem, and easy to set up with a router

other than that, you could with a more 'main stream' company (AOL, wanadoo etc etc), but if you browse through these forums, you'll find that lot of people have troubles with these sorts of companies, so, check 'em out thoroughly before you do so

click here < a true wonderful website....

  david.h 16:23 20 Jan 2005

i have just signed up today with bulldog,you get unlimited free landline phone calls and unlimited 4mg broad band. got to wait 4-6 weeks for the migration to come into effect.

  diode 16:23 20 Jan 2005

Will give it a try. I was just looking at the Wanadoo 1mb connection for £18 with a 2Gb limit. Thanks anyway. I will probably end up following your advice. I just like to check things out first. Cheers.


  Chezdez 16:28 20 Jan 2005

not sure if your familiar with how the limits work, but check out this post if your not, plenty of info in there

click here

  diode 16:30 20 Jan 2005

Thanks again

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