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  Smokeyone 06:39 25 May 2004


Could someone please assist with a spot of advice.
My ISP says I need a new modem because of the troubles I have connecting. What do you think.....

Does not connect or takes ages to connect.

Cuts out after a few seconds or thirty seconds or a couple of minutes. If it stays connected for more than a few minutes it is usually okay.

You are connected but nothing is actually happening. I checked the small box with the time counting away and the bytes were frozen.

This problem happens at any time, even during the night. I use win 98 with just a standard line connection.

Any ideas please

  Old Shep 08:35 25 May 2004

Couple of questions
Who is your isp
How old is the modem
How long have you had this problem

  keith-236785 08:54 25 May 2004

as modems can now be picked up for around £5-10 then it could be worth buying a new one and trying it, but it could be that it has become loose in its slot. shutdown your pc, Open your case, remove the retaining screw holding the modem in, then carefully remove the modem (without touching ANY of the chips on the card), then replace the modem. restart your pc (you can leave the case off for the moment) you may have to go through the "new hardware found" bit and install the drivers again.

if you see no improvement, remove the card again and place in a different slot on the mobo if one is available (it could be a IRQ sharing problem), changing slots would help in that case.

if still no improvement then go ahead and buy a new modem. click here


click here

but dont forget postage on these will take them up to about £10, it might be as cheap to go into pcworld and buy one off the shelf (£14.99 retail box) but pcworld also have a component section where prices are a little cheaper unfortunately the site is down at the moment but i seem to recall they were £9.99.

  anchor 09:25 25 May 2004

Quite possibly it could be your modem; on the other hand it just might be a problem with your ISP.

To check, try connecting to Turbosheep and see what happens; no registration needed. Read how to do it here:

click here

  Smokeyone 17:34 25 May 2004

Thanks very much for all the advice. I use and the trouble has got much worse over the last few weeks but has never been wonderful although originally better than BT. My system is win 98 with amd 500, around 4 years old.
For theis message I am trying Turbosheep. If I go for a new modem is any make as good as the next.


  Smokeyone 17:36 25 May 2004

Still using Turbosheep and has not cut out yet. Could it be anything to do with BT and 0808 & 0845 numbers.............



  anchor 09:44 26 May 2004

I don`t know about the 0808 numbers, but Turbosheep uses an 0845 number. Therefore, its unlikely that this is the cause.

If Turbosheep still contines to operate without problem, then probably it is down to Plusnet and not your modem.

As regards modems, I recall reading in the past that there is not a lot of difference between them.

  Smokeyone 06:33 27 May 2004

Thanks for the advice


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