ISP Change Giving Outlook Problems

  jimforrest 23:01 22 Sep 2012

I have been with the same ISP for years. Originally it was Freeserve, they became Wannado, and now they are Orange. That means that I have retained the same email addy for over 20years - which is great because I've got records of business and friends going back a long way. Orange have now demanded that I change to their landline, and if I don't they are going to cut off my internet! (I'm not sure that this is legal and Trading Standards are looking into it). However, it doesn't really matter because Orange just can't stop their servers from falling over (several times a day sometimes), so I will dump them and switch to BT. Their router is naff as well because it often 'goes to sleep' and cuts off the ADSL line. But this leaves me with a problem. I have hundreds and hundreds of emails on Outlook in my Freeserve username. If I switch to BT I will lose it - and all access to that account. Is there any way I can log into that account again so that I can see the emails after I make the switch? Alternatively is there any way I can save the mails (not one at a time) so that I can refer back to them later? Or possibly migrate all of the mails to my new user account in Outlook. I can't be the only person with this problem.

  Woolwell 23:05 22 Sep 2012

If the emails have been downloaded to your pc then it doesn't matter about a change as you will still have all of your old emails. However after a period of time you will not be able to access new emails or send with your old email address.

  Woolwell 23:08 22 Sep 2012

BTW it was 1998 that Freeserve started only 14 years ago.

  jimforrest 00:35 23 Sep 2012

Oh - either that date is wrong or maybe there was an earlier one then? In fact my account is so old my password has only 4 digits!

  onthelimit1 09:34 23 Sep 2012

Some email programmes access the emails on their own server. As mentioned, if you have Outlook as a client, all your old emails will stay on your PC after change of ISP.

By the way, Plusnet (an offshoot of BT) have a UK call centre and are doing some good deals at the moment.

  jimforrest 14:19 23 Sep 2012

I think that's the case for me onthelimit - the mails are on my PC. The problem will be that I will have a new username and email addy. How can I access the old account? Can I log into Outlook under my old username as well as my new one - and how?

  Woolwell 14:32 23 Sep 2012

You don't need to log in to access the e-mails that are on your system. They will be in your inbox or archived folders. Is this Outlook or Outlook Express?

The 1998 date is correct. I was working for DSG at the time and remember it being brought in (dial-up of course).

  lotvic 15:28 23 Sep 2012

You open Outlook as usual and then Add a new e-mail account. (Tools | Accounts) You can have as many different email accounts as you want. Hotmail, gmail, gmx, etc etc Outlook will collect them all for you.

  jimforrest 22:16 29 Sep 2012

Sorry chaps - I've been working away so a delayed replying. It is Outlook Express 6 running in WinXP SP3. At the moment it automatically starts on startup and displays my emails. When I change ISP it will log into a different account on my new ISP's email server. So I'm a bit confused by the advice. Will the old emails in my old name still be visible, or will I have to log out of the new email and open my old email account - which will just display my old emails? Either way how do I do it? (Incidentally, my emails go back to 2004 on that machine but earlier mails from an older machine are stored in a pst file. As the mail addy is an fsnet one then you are probably correct - the earliest it can go back to is 1998 - it just seems a lot longer ago!)

  Woolwell 22:39 29 Sep 2012

The old e-mails are in Outlook Express on your computer in your inbox and will remain there. Your new e-mail address should add new e-mails to the inbox.

  Miké 07:40 30 Sep 2012

It's been a while since I have used Outlook Express, but if you are concerned about loosing emails (should not happen) then drag and drop from the OE folder tree to a windows location, this will back up those files.

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