ISP change

  Madrat 17:03 16 Mar 2007


Thinking of changing fro pipex to Sky, anyone have any coment? also Pipex told me sky are *[email protected]: any use Tiscali to supply ther internet, is this true?

  birdface 19:06 16 Mar 2007

You could try [NTL] Virgin,They are upgrading there speeds in may,And do cheap packages for new customers.

  Madrat 19:08 16 Mar 2007

Sorry but I would rather go without than go with virgin or BT they have a shocking customer service and rubish TV

  birdface 19:19 16 Mar 2007

Never had any problems with customer service,Except that some of them were a bit hard to understand,I found that they were polite and helpfull,my only problem with them is that they are a bit more expensive than most,But if they give you 2MB or 4MB that is what you normally recieve,No up or downs if the lines are busy, Maybe I have just been lucky,been with them for about 5 years and only had the one problem.

  Madrat 19:50 16 Mar 2007

I agree on that part your speed dosnt change, but If you call to alter anything its like dealing with NASA, they make it so complicated for no reason.

I have orded my mac code from Pipex, only took 3 phone calls! wonder if it arives?

  Madrat 23:59 16 Mar 2007

Well I am going to bite the bullet and change, if Pipex ever send my mac code. I will let you know how it goes.

  birdface 00:01 17 Mar 2007

Best of luck.

  Migwell 00:12 17 Mar 2007

No reason not to get your MAC code while on the phone asking for it. I asked for mine from Tiscali and the only question was can we do you a deal before you finish considering leaving us. When I told them I was going to Talktalk, they said that they couldn't match their price which is free broadband. They then gave MAC No. on the spot. Then wished me good bye and said they would welcome me back if I ever wanted to change back to them. So it can be done.

  Stuartli 00:30 17 Mar 2007

Sky uses EasyNet, which it bought out last year if my memory serves me correctly.

If things go OK with Tiscali, as with any other ISP, then you've no problems - the problem is that you may very well have problems...:-)

I'm with TalkTalk and, apart from initial disatisfaction due to the sheer numbers of new subscribers when it introduced "free" broadband last April, I've been more than satisfied.

Just had a speed boost from 2MB to 6MB+.

  Mark McC 00:35 17 Mar 2007

i have been a ntl ( Virgin Media )" click here " customer from dial up then 256k BB now i have 2meg so does that mean in may they will upgrade me again to 4meg ?


  birdface 09:57 17 Mar 2007

At the moment they say it is only 10mb-20mb.But they will lose a lot of customers if they dont spread it around,So just a matter of waiting to see.Like you I am on the 2mb and looking for a big rise on that.

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