An Isp change

  _plAsma 12:04 29 Aug 2004

Hi, i am currently with BT for my broadband, recently they have gone and put a bandwith cap of 30gigs on which i am not happy about.

I have been with BT for about a year and a half. When i joined they supplied a 2WIRE router for me to use. This has a wireless AP function built in which i now use. As i have been with them for over a year am i allowed to keep this router?

I am thinking of getting a 1mbps service instead of 576kbps and NO bandwith cap! What ISP do you guys recommend?

i am thinkin about Pipex or perhaps blueyonder..point me in the right direction!!

+if i do end up with Pipex for example, would i be able to use my 2wire router with that connection if i set it up correctly or do you think it is stuck to BT connections only?

thanks _alot_ ;)

  _plAsma 12:27 29 Aug 2004

<^> BuMp <^>
^ ^
^ ^

  _plAsma 12:46 29 Aug 2004


  _plAsma 13:42 29 Aug 2004

...bump...guess i should give up now

  CurlyWhirly 14:59 29 Aug 2004

Have you thought of AOL Platinum as this has NO limits but is £29.99 a month.
I will probably upgrade to this if I am able to get the 1 mb service (after 6th September) as I think broadband should not be restricted.

  _plAsma 15:03 29 Aug 2004

well, as alot of people...i have a problem with AOL...especially how they take over your pc with all these programs....can you use the connection without the program?

or does anyone else have any other suggestions?


  TN 15:17 29 Aug 2004

I have checked out a lot of Broadband suppliers as I will be able to received Broadband from 6th September - best I have found with no limitations is One Tel - Full Broadband with unlimited free phone calls anywhere in UK at any time or any day for a total of £29.99 per month!

  BJN 15:18 29 Aug 2004

Ok plAsma, I to was with BT and had been for 3 years a adsl customer. I move last week to Nildram with a free migration. My only downtime was a few hours on day of changeover.

Checkout this site which give alot of usful info on ISP's

click here

Get a MAC from BT and then if your new ISP supports the MAC transfere system you dont have to cancel your adsl line with BT then reorder from the new provider. Your given an agreed transfere day and as IPS is changed on your line the downtime is a few hours. Nildram did it all for free with only a 1 month contract.

Hope I've been of some help.


  CurlyWhirly 15:19 29 Aug 2004

There IS a way of connecting to AOL without their software as I had a reply back to one of my threads but finding it is the problem.

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