ISP 56K Dial Modem Fisrt time user

  eego 17:16 29 Mar 2005

Can anyone direct me towards a low cost ISP that would suit a first time internet user.
The main access would be for school children between the hours of 1600 2200 Mon - Fri and anytime week-ends

  TOPCAT® 18:03 29 Mar 2005

This is just one ISP to check out. click here

It may be advisable to inform your chosen ISP that the service is being used from a school, if this is indeed the case.

One thing is certain and that is security software must be installed before going online. You can get a recommended free anti-virus utility and a firewall from these links: click here and click here Other free anti-spyware utilities are mentioned in this forum and are well recommended to install. All security items must be kept updated to maintain best effectiveness.

Finally, never leave the computer running unattended with the dial-up modem connected to the Internet. Always disconnect when not required. TC.

  TOPCAT® 18:20 29 Mar 2005

Should have added that some of these security utilities can be found on the PC Advisor magazine CDs. Any help needed on installation, configuring, updating or other problems will be answered swiftly in this Helproom. TC.

  Fingees 18:21 29 Mar 2005

try click here , they do evening and weekend connection at special rate

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