ISO winrar?

  ACOLYTE 11:59 11 Dec 2004

I have an ISO image that has turned into a winrar archive 770mb trouble is win rar wont open it it says corrupt file and wrong file type?
i have tried to burn it but i dont have any disks big enough to fit it on,i have right clicked it and selected properties,it is supposed to be a winrar archive but it doesnt show the archive,so i can see if its all there.

  mattyc_92 12:23 11 Dec 2004

Try "WinISO" or "MagicISO". These SHOULD open it (if WinISO doesn't, the "MagicISO should because you can create DVD ISOs with MagicISO and obviously CD ISOs)

  ACOLYTE 12:47 11 Dec 2004

Hi, i tried magic iso and it says cant find the file or the file isnt a cd image?,i know it is i made it ,lol.

  mattyc_92 13:03 11 Dec 2004

WinRAR might of added something to it (like the 70 megabytes above the limit, lol). Try using "BadCopy Pro" to see if this may recover it..... click here to download this program

  ACOLYTE 13:21 11 Dec 2004

Why would winrar add files to it?,this is the first iso i have done that has turned in to a win rar archive dont know how or why it did it.

  ACOLYTE 14:19 11 Dec 2004

I think the trouble is that it copied this as a BIN file for some reason and named it with the ISO prefix and i cannot change it back,as such im
always getting errors,can this be changed to the right file type?.

  mattyc_92 14:39 11 Dec 2004

Yes you can change the file format.... Just delete the file's name and enter the name again, only with .bin at the end of the file

You will have to show the "extensitions" for the file though... so open My Computer->Click the Tools Menu->Folder Options->View Tab->Un-tick the "Hide extenstions of known type"

  ACOLYTE 14:55 11 Dec 2004

Will this change the actual file or just the extension?if the file is a BIN file would changing thew extension to .ISO make a difference to the file.

  mattyc_92 15:01 11 Dec 2004

It will just change the format of the file, (like using the "save as" option in paint)

But to make sure copy the file into another directory like in My Documents and the orginal on the desktop just to make sure that youhave still got the file if it goes wrong...

  ACOLYTE 15:12 11 Dec 2004

Ok,now i have 2 files one with BIN extension one with ISO,the iso one wont copy as the disks i have are to small,and i dont know what if any programmes copy BIN files to cd,and even if that file will work as an image file.Think ill have to nip down to pc world and get some 800mb disks,lol/

  ACOLYTE 15:15 11 Dec 2004

I did try to copy this ISO file to dvd but it says this file cnnot be copyied to this type of disc.

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