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  inneedofhelp 14:44 26 Jul 2004

I downloaded the 64 bit version of windows yesterday and it came as an .iso image. It stated that the installation must take place from the cd-rom during the system boot. So,I extracted the files and then copied them to an almost empty cd. I then restarted my pc and opted to boot from the D:\ . Instead of started the instalation, it states the media is not valid and cant boot. Any ideas.

  jonnytub 14:44 26 Jul 2004

where did u download from?

  jonnytub 14:46 26 Jul 2004

also u shuld've burnt the image to a clean disk.

  inneedofhelp 14:59 26 Jul 2004

from microsoft. jsut sign up and download it, its 450 mb approx. As with the clean disk, does it have to be a tottally clean disk, as the one i used had about 10mb on it .

  Charence 15:03 26 Jul 2004

I'd like to download this could you please give me a link? Thanks. Also is it legal?

Thanks, Charence

  jonnytub 15:08 26 Jul 2004

i would imagine so, how did you burn the disk ?

  jonnytub 15:10 26 Jul 2004

it's a 360 day trial.

  jonnytub 15:12 26 Jul 2004
  jonnytub 15:13 26 Jul 2004

do you have a 64bit system?

  jonnytub 15:13 26 Jul 2004

do you have a 64bit system?

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 15:26 26 Jul 2004

jonnytub Mon, 26.07.04 | 15:13
do you have a 64bit system?

usualy helps :p

Just live with the 32-bit version, XP64 has been known to have driver issues with some 64 bit processors.

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