ISO image problems

  Chegs ® 13:55 12 Feb 2004

I have been busily d/l the various ISO images for several distro's of Linux.I have successfully burnt the Mandrake ISO's to create bootable CD installs(that do work as I loaded Mandrake last night)but my images for Suse 7.2 when burnt in the same fashion,refuse to create a bootable CD.I use Nero 6,and to create the Mandrake images I set up Nero to burn a DOS CD,Suse,when burnt in DOS mode,doesn't create a booting CD.I will run out of CD's at this rate(Mandrake needed two CD,s,Suse wants FIVE!)as I have just binned the previous 12 cdr's.Help.

  leo49 14:02 12 Feb 2004

There's an excellent program called UltraISO which will allow you to check the contents of[and edit if necessary]an ISO image.Might be an idea to check that your image has all the relevant autoruninf.

  Chegs ® 14:31 12 Feb 2004

Just used UltraISO to burn another coaster.The "autorun.inf" contains


icon = susego.ico

on these Suse cdr's,but on the Mandrake cdr's its...




So,using the UltaISO app,how do I create this autorun to work with Suse?

  leo49 14:54 12 Feb 2004

Well at least I think you've identified the problem - the Suse one contains no actual boot inf.apart from the identifying icon.

I'm afraid I can't help any further as I know nothing of Linux and only started using the software last week to create XP Sp1 discs. Ideally you need someone like Taran to guide you - I know he's au fait with Linux.

Good luck

  Chegs ® 16:00 12 Feb 2004

I have just "Extracted" the SuseISO and added the autorun.exe from my Mandrake CD to the DOSUtils folder,and am presently burning another CD.This CD does autorun,but the autorun.conf is missing.

  Chegs ® 20:20 12 Feb 2004

After hours of messing about producing coaster after coaster,I tried a google for reasons as to why these cd's refuse to be made bootable.The answer lay in a Suse FTP's README,and it says that these ISO's aren't possible to be made into a bootable cd.The only way to get it installed,would be over a network,which is not possible for me yet,as I need to alter the VPI and VCI no. on my modem,in Linux(reinstalled Mandrake 9.2)

Having spent several hours trying to edit the modems config files,I have had to return to XP to lookup how to in

  leo49 20:27 12 Feb 2004

Wouldn't you just know it - I'm glad you can see the funny side,though.

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