iso files please help!!!!!!!!!!

  phildux 21:03 18 Mar 2005

hello how do i open and use iso files. if i go to properties of the program it says under the general tab 1st box(The name of the program) type of file : Easy CD Creator Image File underneath that it says Opens With: Roxio EasyCDCreator. the name of the program has nothing to do with easy cd creator. what can i do to change that to or cant i cheers phil

  Joe R 21:14 18 Mar 2005


an iso file is only an image file, to burn to cd.
Use whatever cd burning software, you are using, to burn an image file.

There will be a bin, and a cue file. Just point your software to the cue file, and it will burn it to CD.

  Completealias 21:15 18 Mar 2005

iso image files are an image of a disk ready to burn onto blank media and so is setup to open with your burning software. If you mean this assiociation has been broken then

my computer tools folder options file types look for iso on the list and then click on it down the bottom you will see an opens with and a change button click on the change and select which program you wish from the list.

Isobuster click here will allow you to open iso and other image files to see what they contain if that is any help to you

  phildux 21:16 18 Mar 2005

Using nero

  JonnyTub 21:18 18 Mar 2005

cancel any wizard and choose burn image from the recorder tab.

  woodchip 21:21 18 Mar 2005

In Nero under Recorder in menu, click burn image

  Joe R 21:27 18 Mar 2005

should add, that in Nero you may have to change the burn image setting, in the drop down menu, to "all files"

  phildux 21:33 18 Mar 2005

what about rar files what are they all about

  woodchip 21:38 18 Mar 2005

They are like a zip file but a different way of zipping

  phildux 21:47 18 Mar 2005

still not getting anywhere with this iso file wasted about 5 blank cd's now i must be doing something wrong

  phildux 21:49 18 Mar 2005

burn it as discribed above but when its completed and i click on the icon on the cd it takes me back to the nero burning page

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