ISO file too big

  Train driver 13:27 10 Feb 2004

I have got a couple of ISO files which I cannot burn because both NERO and ROXIO say they are too big.
Can they be split into two parts or do I need to get a DVD recorder.
The files are between 800-900Mb.

  Chegs ® 13:56 10 Feb 2004

What are these ISO's meant to be the image of?

  Train driver 20:14 10 Feb 2004


They are programmes of some sort that my son has for college. I assume they will be painting/drawing type of application.

  Chegs ® 20:18 10 Feb 2004

The only thing I can think of is to try ISOBuster,its free to test(it will let you see whats on them)but you need to purchase the prog to use the extract files option.

  Jester2K 20:18 10 Feb 2004

The only thing i can think of is a copy protection was used on the original CD and it results in oversized ISO files when ripped (copied). Hence you can't burn it to a new CD.

  Train driver 21:43 10 Feb 2004

Thanks Everyone

I downloaded Isobuster and the ISO file has got a genuine programme on it but it also has a lot of demos and other suspicious stuff so I have got rid of it.

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