iso file

  P4ULT 14:32 05 Jan 2010

how do i convert an iso file to whatever format is needed to edit in windows dvd maker or similar any help please.

  woodchip 14:50 05 Jan 2010

Why would it have been saved as a ISO? these are like a linux Distro Compressed so you can convert to a Image so it will boot and run the program

  PalaeoBill 14:55 05 Jan 2010

Is this the sort of thing your after?
click here

  P4ULT 15:20 05 Jan 2010

used a dvd ripping download called cd burner xp that saved it as an iso file and windows dvd maker wont recognise it.

  Strawballs 15:54 05 Jan 2010

Use the same program to burn to disc then just copy contents to hard drive

  P4ULT 16:51 05 Jan 2010

sorry i dont understand its already save to the hard drive are you saying burn it to a disc again and re copy.

  tullie 17:01 05 Jan 2010

Dont copy to dvd.Burn the iso file with something like imgburn,its free.

  P4ULT 08:13 06 Jan 2010

hi im still unclear on this when you go on imgburn do yu go through to download nch burn sorry i sound a bit thick never tried this before it for a dvd a relative took of our wedding and i just wanted to add some music etc.

  tullie 08:39 06 Jan 2010

Sorry,dont know what you mean by nch,just select 'Burn Image File to Disc'

  P4ULT 08:59 06 Jan 2010

when you go on imgburn website and download its called nch.

  bremner 09:09 06 Jan 2010

When you go to the website and download it - what is called nch?

I have downloaded the file and it is an exe file

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