ISDN Terminal Adapter help

  hopeless1 19:24 31 May 2003

I picked up an isdn modem the other day, but am wondering how to connect it up.I have checked my isp and phone line for compatibility, but I am confused by all the connections on the device itself. It isBT ISDN2e modem NTE8C. I HAVE checked BT for online resources etc about how to connect it up, but have found nothing. Can anyone tell me, or give a link to show me how to set it up?

  graham√ 20:06 31 May 2003

If only it was that simple! Can I suggest that you throw the NTE8C in the bin, it is of no use to you. It is indeed the current terminal adapter used by BT, but without being connected to an ISDN port in the exchange, it won't work. It is also the 'demarkation' point of the BT line, meaning you are not allowed to alter the connections inside.

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