ISDN Not Showing

  Alan-277820 22:42 20 Jan 2003
  Alan-277820 22:42 20 Jan 2003

System win98se with BT isdn when I but ISDN card into pci slot system manager picks it up ok and puts the drivers in however it does not regester in control panel modems list for ISP to pick up.
I can use usb but I have two computers in house and only one can use usb.
I have changed computers with the card and the same happens.
Any ideas anyone
Thankyou in advance

  LastChip 23:47 20 Jan 2003

Have a look under Network Cards.

  Alan-277820 00:01 21 Jan 2003

Thanks Lastchip
yes it is there but been informed that ISP cannot detect it unles its in modem list in control panel.
Yes I know what comes next AOL Said it.
Yep it works ok with Freeserve but not AOL they say it because its not there.
Yep I know AOL pain but but Freeserve dont direct debit from bank only Credit card and forced me to AOHELL.
Please grovel grovel can anyone shed light on this i am now very confused man

  LastChip 17:13 21 Jan 2003

AOL has proprietary software that will not work with any other provider.

There is hard coding within, that is specific to AOL, and sadly, that is one of the biggest (in my view) downfalls to the AOL service.

  LastChip 20:35 21 Jan 2003

Confirm that the "Connect using" box in dial-up networking properties is configured to connect using one of the two ISDN line drivers.

If it is and you are unable to establish a connection with your ISP, go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Modem and select Add. Leave the "Do not search for a modem" box unchecked and select Next.

Windows will communicate and query the two ISDN com ports and eventually return with a message saying "found Standard modem" on the ISDN port. You should select "change - have disk" and browse the appropriate path on the driver CD: Perhaps, x:\card\win9S or x:\card\win98. Click OK and a list of ISDN models will be displayed.

For internet or remote server connection it is advised to use ISDN (Internet PPP 64k) adaptor. Repeat this process for the second ISDN com port.

Now configure the "Connect using" box in Dial-up networking properties to connect using one of the two installed ISDN com ports.

  Alan-277820 22:36 21 Jan 2003

I will try what you said and a big thankyou for your reply.
I did the windows search but left it as standard I will try the configuation you sugested.
I have tryed to update drivers from Bona-uk site. and that got me a little closer than i had been before.
Once again Thanks

  Alan-277820 23:30 21 Jan 2003

Tryed it no luck it kept telling me that The location specified did not contain information about this device.
So I specified device and it came up, installed drivers and then it went back and did another search and I did a full cicle and still it does not detect in modems.
I did the direct dial up and it said could not start modem and failed however when i useed Freeserve it goes straight on,
How it works for one but nowt else
Thanks anyway

  LastChip 00:45 22 Jan 2003

Open up Dial up networking and click on "Make New Connection.

Enter the data for AOL (telephone number etc) and click OK. Make sure it is "bound" to your ISDN card.

Now use the Dial Up Networking Icon to connect.

  Alan-277820 11:22 22 Jan 2003

sorry for delay had to go to bed lol,
been in it, cannot activate isdn card?
even when i specify all settings.
Its got to be something to do with AOL software as you said but cannot get my head round how it works for one thing but not AOL and yet the AOL software supports ISDN? I keep getting error code 691 & 629 but cannot find out what these codes mean.
Thanks for all your help I will keep trying to figuire it out :)

  graham 12:56 22 Jan 2003

My friend had this problem, we solved it by uninstalling AOL, re-boot, re-installing AOL from free disk from store.

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