ISDN Intel Pro/100 Network Connection

  dms05 14:02 20 Jan 2006

My WiFi ISP has just changed the protocol on my laptop. One effect is it's now reporting 'dial up' connection as ISDN-Intel Pro/100 Network Connection. My LAN card is Intel Pro/100. I don't have an ISDN device on my laptop so this may be a virtual device. They seem to have used RASPPPoE 098B and left a folder on my laptop containing the files. I'd like to install the same connection on my other laptop. How do I do it?

  mgmcc 18:48 20 Jan 2006

<<< My WiFi ISP has just changed the protocol on my laptop. >>>

How did they change the protocol? Did they send you a file to install or send you to a website for a download?

  dms05 19:23 20 Jan 2006

mgmcc - their engineer visited and manually changed the settings (I wasn't there at the time and no one asked him to change the other laptop I sometimes use) the only evidence of his visit is (i) the protocol has changed (ii) I have a folder RASPPPoE that I didn't have before! Any thoughts?

  dms05 19:43 20 Jan 2006

mgmcc - I've solved the problem. The Folder RASPPPoE contains an EXE file. I've run this and it creates the ISDN Intel Pro/100 Network Connection. The RASPPPoE web site click here . Thanks for replying!

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