ISDN 24/7 Packages

  HighTower 17:18 15 Aug 2003

Can you get an internet access package where you pay a set amount for unlimited access for ISDN?

Anyone used a reliable one they can recommend?


  huzzar 17:35 15 Aug 2003

Have you read the magazine? I read that Gandalf is doing very well with Tiscali Broadband.

Any ISP worth its salt will offer a package that meets your need, but if you are stuck with ISDN (as I am), then it is not true 24/7 because it cuts you off after a set amount of time. For instance I am writing this reply to you and I note that I am not on line, BUT within 4 seconds of pressing Enter my connection will be re-established and the message sent.

If you want to know any more then feel free to give me a direct call via the envelope. I use Freeserve.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 15 Aug 2003

Tiscali, BT, Freeserve, Force9, Pipex, Zen...they all have 24/7 connections at aound £25ish/month. Apart from NTL, they all use BT as their supplier, so there should not be too much difference in speed or reliability. BB is a doddle to set up and you should not need any helplines (post any queries here). Some, like Tiscali, offer free connection, filters and modem, others may be cheaper but you have to fork out for the modem/ connection/ filters. there is also a 256k or 512k connection with different charges. Personally I favour Pipex and the one that I use (Tiscali).


  HighTower 20:01 15 Aug 2003

Thanks everyone,

It's actually for a friend of mine who will not have a broadband enabled exchange for another 12 months, so ISDN is the way for him for now.

I'll try your suggestions.

Thanks again.

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