irvan view istalation problems

  uskfisherman 12:19 04 Jun 2004

Hi ther. I am trying to instal Irvan View. Whem I get to the istal part I get the following message "Cant create destination directory. Olease check write permissions and system policies. Try to create folder manually and restart. I havent a clue what all this means . Can any one help please. Windows 98, a second hand PC prev on a network, works in every other respect. Have installed many other progs without problems.

  uskfisherman 19:45 05 Jun 2004

Hello Forum member, and thank for responding.I have to tell the truth.. I was trying to instal this on drive D instead of C . How dull can you you get! I am 78 and will use that as an excuse!!!. It is now safely installed, What I would prefer is MS Windows Photo Editor, which I have on another PC (two playing through one Monitor with a belken box) with Windows XP Home. I cant seem to do this however, I have MS Office 200 small bus, but for some strange reason this item has suddenly become unavailable.Thanks again.

  Pesala 20:33 05 Jun 2004

Some tips here on using Irfan View:
click here

You can do lots with it, but it is not a photo-editor. You would be better off using MS Paintbrush for pixel editing, though it is not impossible with Irfan View if you just need to clean up a few spots. Just zoom in real close (drag a selection) click inside it. Then drag/select again and cut (control X).

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