Irritating start up message out of the blue...

  herc182 09:16 28 May 2005

I recently ran regscrub (the only thing i can imagine that may have caused this) and every time i start up now (windows xp home) there is a box that comes up titled "Windows - no disk" saying "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive" with the options "cancel, try again and continue". I hit cancel and it goes away with no implications. can anyone tell me how to get shot of this box?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:39 28 May 2005

Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Scroll down to Windows Installer. Double-click it and disable the service. Stop the service if it is running (it probably isn't)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:42 28 May 2005

If that doesn't work then try click here

  herc182 10:21 28 May 2005

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/
will give it a go...

  herc182 23:17 31 May 2005

unfortunately my problem persists and the second post does not apply to windows xp home (i did try!).

any other ideas?


  Totally-braindead 00:07 01 Jun 2005

I may be way off here but I'm wondering if you've changed the boot order in the BIOS or somehow something else has so that it boots from the CD first, hard drive second. If you did this it may come up with a message similar to the one you are experiencing.

  ashdav 01:21 01 Jun 2005

This won't solve your problem but to prevent future reoccurence use this click here in preference to all other cleaners.Delete anything it comes up with.Several other posters on this forum have recommended it also.

  Completealias 01:57 01 Jun 2005

Which drive is it refering to eg a: drive d: drive?

Have you tried putting a disk into the drive allowing it to read it and then seeing if the same thing happens again.

  herc182 06:27 01 Jun 2005

it references the a drive.

ashdav- i use ccleaner religiously.

this problem happened after running ccleaner (for first time in a while) and regscrub also.

as soon as i hit enter it carries on as normal.

however, i also get a problem installing stuff.
tried installing a java plugin for mozilla and get:

"the windows installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running windows in safe mode, or if th ewindows installer is not correctly installed. contact your support personnel for assistance"

I have also had trouble installing msn meessenger and uninstalling some crap software that came with my LG phone (that my friend actually installed).

please anyone?!

  herc182 06:44 01 Jun 2005

sorted windows installer. but message remains

  ryne 07:00 01 Jun 2005

every time I put cd in and press install I get a message "unable to update your system files. Please restart your machine ensuring you are logged to an administrator account" What the heck are they asking ? I have never this problem before evengoing to xp help doesn't solve it.
Can pcadvisor or anyone else help.


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