Irritating McAfee

  BigDunc 15:24 12 Oct 2003

I have McAfee Spankiller which works well, especially as I am on broadband and therefore always online.
What gets my goat are the frequent and insistant messages to update the software which then reinstalls the MaAfee Security Centre big red icon in the icon tray. I then have to get rid of it by running msconfig and selective startup. Anyone know a better way to stop this very agressive commercial McAfee practice? They are trying to flog me the whole McAfee security suite. Over my dead body!!!!

  BigDunc 15:27 12 Oct 2003

sorry - meant Spamkiller of course!

  pj123 15:30 12 Oct 2003

Yes, get off McAfee. I had the same problem. I must say though that it took me 10 months and a change of credit card number to do it.

  BigDunc 15:48 12 Oct 2003

That's one way but I do find Spamkiller to be very useful and would like to keep that, but not the other crap. It's really ironic that a program which prevents Spam actually causes "invasive Spam" by their company marketing activities. The joke is that they tell me that my Norton antivirus program is outdated (which it is not) and are trying to flog me theirs. No bl**dy way.

  pj123 16:04 12 Oct 2003

Well I don't get any spam. I have AVG Antivirus (free) and Outpost Firewall (as recommended by FE) also free. The only people I know who still get lots of spam are those with hotmail addresses.

  BigDunc 16:10 12 Oct 2003

I get about 5-10 spam per day and as I've got kids, the elimination of such is a priority!

  pj123 16:53 12 Oct 2003

Well, I am on NTL Broadband and I can assure you I don't get any spam whatsoever. Who is your ISP?

  Border View 17:06 12 Oct 2003

I use Outlook Express for my e-mails and discovered the introduction of "rules" which means that any e-mails not specifically addressed to me are deleted at the server. This has cut my spam from about 200 a week to about 5. Hope this is of some assistance.

  BigDunc 17:38 12 Oct 2003

I have been with BT Internet for several years and have 4 domains registered, with email forwarded to this inbox which doesn't help. But that's not my problem as Spamkiller actually does a good job and none get through althought it does take 1 or 2 non spam out each week.
It's the invasive marketing from McAfee which is the problem. Every few weeks/months you get a notice which prompts you to update and then it's back again. The notice appears every 2 days until you accept it. Not the end of the world but irriates me no end. After it invades my PC, I use msconfig to deselect it and that sorts it, but what a pain. MrMcAfee has certainly pi*sed off one customer.

  Sam Witch 17:49 12 Oct 2003

Why not block/filter them, I did have not seen a Mcafee e-mail for donkeys.

  palinka 17:54 12 Oct 2003

I too found Mcafee a pain and switched to AVG. My ISP is Freeserve, but I have mail forwarded by Bigfoot. I signed up to Bigfoot's extra spam killer when I found I was getting maybe 6 a day and since then it's only about 2 a week.

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