Irritating little niggle using desktop shortcuts..

  Brumas 16:04 28 Jan 2005

I have noticed that when I click on a short-cut on the desktop instead of ‘instantaneously’ opening it now takes about 2 seconds before the folder/program/whatever actually does so.

Yesterday I installed a new 17” CRT Monitor and, in between getting the resolution and picture geometry to my liking, I noticed the niggle seemed to have disappeared.

Get on with it, get on with it I hear you say ! After experimenting with all different resolutions and changing the DPI setting in Display and generally mucking up all my settings I resorted to system restore to save the day and put me back where I started – fine, all is now as it was. Trouble is the ‘little niggle’ is back! I suppose I could live with it but would like to fix it if possible.

I am running windows XP home with an Internet Security Suite plus AdAware etc. etc. on a Sony 1.8 pentium4 machine with 768MB RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 card.
My screen resolution is 1152 x 864 with large size (120) DPI .

Thanks in advance


  Djohn 16:19 28 Jan 2005

Have you checked for obvious things such as a defrag of the drive along with a disk clean up? Over time of installing and removing programs plenty of broken links and incomplete registry entries get left behind, all these will help to slow down your PC.

Give CCleaner a try if you haven't already as it is an excellent application for cleaning up and removing rubbish from the registry.

When you run it for the first time it will find a great deal to remove, let it do so but check in the options first to move any cookies that you want to keep over to the right-hand window or you will lose all your passwords for forums etc.

There are three tabs to click on and run, when it comes to the last tab, "Issues" run that a couple of times because in fixing the issues already there it will create some new ones, just run it again to clean these up. It is quite safe to tick all boxes and let CCleaner do its job. click here

  Brumas 18:06 28 Jan 2005

Thanks for that however, I am upto date with my defragging and disk cleanup ; I use CCleaner to it's full potential regularly and I am generally very 'tidy' in my day to day computer usage.

Cheers... Brumas

  Brumas 09:25 29 Jan 2005


  ACOLYTE 10:16 29 Jan 2005

My short cuts don't open straight away after i click i don't know how long they take but its not noticeably slow,your resolution and DPI size might affect the speed,120 is pretty big for icons and the resolution seems a bit weird to me for a 17" monitor i would have thought 1024x768 with a 85 refresh would be better but thats up to you.You could always try making new shortcuts but I'm not sure if it will change to opening speeds.

  Brumas 20:55 29 Jan 2005

Thanks for that - glad to know others have the same niggle . As for the resolution/icon size , well - it's better on the old 'peepers' than all the other combinations I have tried. I will not bother making new shortcuts, I'll get used to it !


  Alan2 21:12 29 Jan 2005

My desktop shortcuts are also opening more slowly but I put it down to just taking on Avast antiivirus in place of AVG. Perhaps your AV is having a similar effect.

  GaT7 21:14 29 Jan 2005

I'm not familiar with WinXP but if you go into Display Properties/Effects & tweak the 'Visual effects' - basically untick all the boxes (except 'Show icons...colors') - that may help to quicken things up a bit.

Also, in Display Settings/Settings I have an option (box to tick) to 'Make windows minimize & maximize faster' (using a nVidia-based graphics card with nView software) - yours, being nVidia-based too, should have the same/similar. G

  GaT7 21:28 29 Jan 2005

The second tweak again, in more detail:

Display Settings > Settings > Advanced > GeForce4 MX440 tab > Desktop Management > Effects > 'Make windows minimize & maximize faster'.

I'm using an older version (53.04) of the nVidia drivers/nView on Win98se, so you may need to look slightly elsewhere in WinXP & your nVidia/nView version! G

  GaT7 21:32 29 Jan 2005

Some more tweaks to quicken/optimize WinXP performance (if required) click here & click here. G

  User-312386 21:39 29 Jan 2005

seems a little high on the resolution size if your eyesight is diminished

I would opt for say 1024x768 or lower

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