Irritating Checking NVRAM occurrence

  billyliv 12:08 15 Feb 2004

Hi, An irritating occurrence has occurred on one of my WIN ME machines. On start up it has started running through the NVRAM check which seems to take ages I am only pleased that I haven't upgraded my memory to the max. Any ideas?. Cheers, Bill

  Eastender 13:30 15 Feb 2004

There should be an option to turn the RAM check off in the BIOS.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:34 15 Feb 2004

Or abutton to press to stop it at boot try selecting quick boot option in bios will or should still check the ram but shouldnt take as long to boot if it checks it over and over try swapping the ram sticks around in the slots biggest piece first.It might be worth running a third party ram checker as the reason it takes so long is it could have errors.


  Eric10 13:57 15 Feb 2004

Pressing ESC usually skips the memory check.

  DieSse 14:26 15 Feb 2004

You've somehow got the BIOS entry "Quick Boot Test" disabled - so it's doing a thorough RAM test instead of a quick one. You can change it if you wish.

It's not a sign of problems, as the test will show an error if there is a problem.

  DieSse 14:27 15 Feb 2004

I notice you say NVRAM - this is not the RAM test - are you sure you mean NVRAM - the test that normally takes a long time, and you see the memory "counting" several times is a RAM test, not NVRAM.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:01 15 Feb 2004

beg to differ the ram and NVRAM is the same thing it test NVRAM which is onboard ram otherwise it would be the L1/L2 cache which i built in the cpu and it takes as long as the ram u have installed it shouldnt keep repeating unless there is a reason to do so.


  the kopite 15:43 15 Feb 2004

Nvram is the graphics card test it is either graphic card failur or badly insertes card kopite

  DieSse 15:46 15 Feb 2004

NVRAM = Non-Volatile RAM = CMOS/BIOS

This is not the system RAM (nor is it the graphics RAM, which is not tested in the POST) which is the regular system RAM. Which you will see count up to the ampount of RAM fitted to the system, and is the (main) subject of the longer POST checks.

  billyliv 15:48 15 Feb 2004

You hit the nail on the head. Something had changed the Quick Boot in bios. OK now. Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 15:52 15 Feb 2004

Try that again to make more sense!!

NVRAM = Non-Volatile RAM = CMOS/BIOS

This is not the system RAM (nor is it the graphics RAM, which is not tested in the POST).

The subject of the longer POST checks is (in the main), the system RAM, which you see counting up to the amount of RAM fitted.

That's why I queried the use of the term NVRAM - as if it is at that stage there is a delay, there is a different situation that the "Quick Boeet Test"

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