IRQ Steering

  [DELETED] 16:49 02 Dec 2003

Still trying to install a PCI to USB card on Win 98SE. No driver supplied with card but has an OPTi chipset. System has VIA motherboard with VT82C597 chipset and an AMD k6-2 300 MHz CPU.
I have checked device manager and the drivers seem to be there but I understand that the IRQ Steering is critical. I have checked the PCI bus properties and under the IRQ Steering it indicates "IRQ Steering Disabled" and "IRQ Table has some errors"
I am also aware that VIA motherboards can be a problem with USB additions and have downloaded various patches.
Any ideas on enabling the IRQ steering would be greatly appreciated

  [DELETED] 17:13 02 Dec 2003

Hi Perks. To enable IRQ steering, go to Device Manager, then click on the + alongside "System devices" and select "PCI bus", and then click on "Properties". Select the IRQ Steering tab. The boxes my computer has ticked are: "Use IRQ Steering", "Get IRQ table using ACPI BIOS", "Get IRQ table using MS Specification table" and "Get IRQ table from Real Mode PCIBIOS 2.1 call" If you don't have these options, you may not have all the motherboard drivers installed. For a description of IRQ Steering, have a look at this Microsoft article http: //;en-us;182604& (you will have to remove the spaces in the link).

I don't think your motherboard is one of those with the serious usb problems, those are the ones using the VIA VT83C572/VT82C586 PCI to USB Universal Host chipset, click here! . I had one of those, and in the end gave up and bought a new motherboard and processor.

  [DELETED] 17:23 02 Dec 2003

Hi again Perks. This info may also be useful to you.

Is your usb card one of those on this page: click here

I selected the ADS USBX-500 because it has the OPTi 82C861 chip, and then went to the ADS website and found a driver for Windows 98se click here (If the chip type is right, make sure you use the driver for Windows 98 version 4.10.2222a (this is Windows 98se))

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