Irfan View Tips

  Pesala 07:44 25 Sep 2003

If you're new to Irfan View click here to see a few notes I put together about the program.

I have no intention of starting a fansite page, but by all means let me know what you think of if you spot something that is wrong or misleading.

  pinka 07:56 25 Sep 2003

thanks . just started using irfan the other day . now ill be able to find what i can really do with it .

  alcudia 08:33 25 Sep 2003

Thanks for this. I have been using this wonderful little program for some years, and there is often something new to discover.

One thing I can't understand. Irfan could have made a small fortune with this app. He deserves all our thanks for keeping it free.

  Simsy 08:40 25 Sep 2003

considering how easy it is to use, and that it is, IMHO, ideal for a beginner to PC's, your useage, on the front page, of the phrase;

"You will find a long list of command-line parameters"

is perhaps a little scary.

I don't disagree at all with what you have written, but I feel that this is little more prominent than need be.

I realise I'm nit picking... please don't be offended!

Co-incidently, I, just yesterday emailed the author with a couple of suggestions;

a button for "aquire", and the ability to have the thumnails window open to either maximised, or a size of the users choosing.

Great work, both of you,



  GroupFC 09:01 25 Sep 2003

Thanks for that.

I have just started using this program after seeing many recommendations here - and as pinka says your notes will be very useful.

  Pesala 09:01 25 Sep 2003

Simsy, you are nit-picking, but never mind. That's the way to improve things.

My front page says, "If you think that you know the program well, have a look at the file called Options.txt in the program directory. You will find a long list of command-line parameters for Irfan View."

That is clearly aimed at experienced users.

On the Thumbnails Options menu, there is an option to save the current size and position. It even remembers if the window was maximised, and the current directory. Have you downloaded the latest verson (3.85)? Maybe the author is listening to you.

I suspect he has made enough money from business users to pay his mortgage. By releasing it free to Joe Public he gets free advertising like this from hundreds of thousands of satisfied users.

One minor flaw I discovered is that if you open a small graphic at the bottom of the screen and then save as JPG or GIF the dialogue box doesn't fit on the screen. I didn't bother to email the author about it. I expect he has noticed by now, or received at least a dozen emails already.

The automatically opened options dialogue is a new addition and the changes this caused maybe got overlooked.

  alcudia 09:17 25 Sep 2003

Nice one. A print button would be useful as well, unless there is one in v3.85. I havn't swapped over yet.

  Stuartli 09:25 25 Sep 2003

Irfanview is a superb utility and remarkably versatile.

  Simsy 11:22 25 Sep 2003

I'm at work at the mo... I'll check for that option when I get home... I'd looked but obviously missed it!




  Spark6 12:29 25 Sep 2003

New to Irfanview. Your tips will certainly speed up the learning process. Keep up the good work.

Well done pesala, I don't use this at the moment, but will file for future ref.

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