IrDA up to Blue Tooth

  DenverK 19:18 08 Dec 2003

I am connecting to the phone with bluetooth software and am actually sending files but my PC Suite won't connect. In the mrouter the only box that is checked says Infrared, what I used to use. I've removed the irda dongle and un installed the software and have replaced it with the bluetooth software. But still no joy.

The dongle obviously works so I think it's something to do with old IrDA thing hanging around (like I say, it's still the box I have checked the mrouter box) I've restarted a number of times

How do I finally get rid of this IrDA thing so I can use my BT dongle with PC Suite

Any help??

  Quiller. 20:08 08 Dec 2003

If my memory is right I think the Irda software is loaded at startup. Go to start-run and type msconfig. Look in the the startup tab for a reference to either it or the software. If you find it, untick the box and reboot. Then do a search for any reference to it in start-search.

I think this is the way I upgraded a nokia 7650 from IrDa to a bluetooth dongle. Quite a while ago though.;)

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