GazMaz 17:43 12 Aug 2003

Does anyone know what this program is?
It is on my PC in the C:\Windows\All users\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder.
I have run MSconfig and tried to stop it starting but it always seems to be running.
I am running Freedom Firewall through a Netgear Router, and I don't think it's spywear!?!? But would like to see if anyone knows what it could be.
No details when I right-click and click on properties are available, looked on the web no info!?!?
Any Ideas?


  Stuartli 18:33 12 Aug 2003

It's not listed on the Symantec website...:-)

  Stuartli 18:35 12 Aug 2003

A further thought - ICQ files have somewhat similar file/dll etc names although I can't see an IQXY.EXE version; wondering if the C has gone missing if you do have ICQ?

  GazMaz 18:47 12 Aug 2003

I'm running windows 98, erm don't think I've got any ICQ files/programs.

  GazMaz 18:56 12 Aug 2003

Just tried to delete the file and error message pops up cannot delete the specified file is being used by windows.


  Jester2K II 07:38 13 Aug 2003

Update your Anti Virus and do a full scan.

Get Free AV from click here

  Jester2K II 07:46 13 Aug 2003

The reason i say this is there is no mention of IQXY.exe on Google or any other start up lists.

This suggests the name is a random creation and only viruses generate random file names.

  GazMaz 21:10 13 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester it turned out to be Bugbear, I am trying to remove it at the moment!!!
Freedom antiVirus didn't catch it, so I'll be putting in a moan to them, not as if no-one knows about the bugbear irus is it!!

  VoG II 21:15 13 Aug 2003

Stinger will get rid of Bugbear click here

  GazMaz 21:42 13 Aug 2003

Gone thanks to all.

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