Chas49 21:12 02 Mar 2010

Is there anyone who caN tell me how to enable IPV6?
I have been trying to make a Homegroup between my Win 7 Desktop and my laptop, also Win 7. When I try to create a homepage on the destop I get a message saying that IPV6 has to be enabled - follow the Homepage troubleshooter. I did so only to find on the relevent page that it was already enabled!

How do I overcome this, short of reinstalling Win 7 that is.

  peter99co 21:43 02 Mar 2010
  peter99co 21:45 02 Mar 2010

click here

Scroll down.

  Chas49 22:10 02 Mar 2010

Techie is the word - to me they both are!!!

Nevertheless, I'll see what I can do with the second link, tghough I've neveer messed with the register before. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the reply.

  peter99co 22:12 02 Mar 2010

If it means poking the register I would wait for more able people than I to respond.

  Chas49 22:28 02 Mar 2010

Followed the instructions but no joy. Just about to restart the computer, again fingers crossed!

  Chas49 22:39 02 Mar 2010

I se that restarting the computer has also replaced the deleted item, so it's back to square one - I'll take your advice Peter. Thanks

  Chas49 22:57 02 Mar 2010

I had switched off IPV6 after deleing the DWORD in the register. I then restarted the computer as I said and found the DWORD had been installed again. After making the last entry here that I would leave it I had second thoughts andc switched IPV6 on (Local Networks etc.) and it now works! Amazing seeing as I had done this switch before but had not restarted the machine afte first unticking the IPV6 box. It would appear that the success was more luck than knowledge!!

Thanks again Peter

  Chas49 13:35 03 Mar 2010

I'm afraid that I was a bit premature in thinking that the problem was solved.

This morning I switched the laptop on and, when I tried to 'JOIN' a homegroup I found that the button was still at 'Create a Homegroup' and that no homegroup could be found.

I have Panda security on the laptop and a dialog box in homegroup troubleshooter suggested that the firewall was blocking the connection, if this is so can any Panda users tell me how to allow this firewall to 'see' the homegroup.

  Chas49 14:41 03 Mar 2010

I have uninstalled Panda, turned on Windows Firewall, downloaded AVG and installed it.

Laptop now 'sees' the homegroup and the button reads 'Join' as it should. However, after the password has been entered the machine, after a while, puts up a box saying that the computer cannot join the homegroup.

The wireless connection to the laptop is working Ok. Running the homepage troubleshooter on the desktop (as advised) it now says that the router should be switched off for a while etc etc, that the wireless adapter needs resetting - this would appear to be nonsense as the laptop is communicating with the net with no problems, as for that matter so is the desktop.

  peter99co 16:17 03 Mar 2010

click here

Networking Windows 7 and Windows XP PCs

I do not know anything about W7 so best of luck.

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