eivets 15:31 15 Feb 2004

I am thinking of purchasing an ipod. However i aint very good with all the techy stuff!

Can someone let me know if this will be compatible with my PC, running windows 2000 pro? also i am hoping that i can get one for under £200, however can not find any. does anyone know if there are any worth purchasing at this price?

Any information would be great. Cheers

  Rhuddlan 15:44 15 Feb 2004

There are now mini i pods for around £80, I think are being sold in PC World, you'll have to shop around, the Internet being the cheapest place. I should imagine that they will be compatible with any machine, even though they are made by Apple, i'm sure they can work with any windows OS, hope this helps.

  bremner 15:47 15 Feb 2004

Yes it is compatable with Windows 2000.

You will not find a new one for under £200. The cheapest I've seen is the 15GB model at dabs.com for £244.99. click here

There is a mini iPod which has a 4GB capacity and that will retail at £199.99 apparently. click here

  bremner 15:50 15 Feb 2004

Saying that I've found an old 10GB one for £199 here click here

  Rhuddlan 15:51 15 Feb 2004

Sorry, but a friend told me that she has seen one in a computer mag, (not pc advisor), for around £80, don't know about the capacity though.
Sorry if I have given anyone the wrong information. Rhuddlan.

  eivets 16:00 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for the info people, Rhuddlan any more info on that? or does anyone else know anythin about an 80 quid ipod?


  bremner 16:18 15 Feb 2004

There isn't one is the answer.

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