ipod/itunes help

  Anya 21:06 05 Oct 2012


My ipod stopped working over a week ago. It connects to itunes then itunes freezes , a message asking me if I want to scan and fix the ipod appears but taking the box leads to nowhere.

I've uninstalled itunes a couple of times and stumped as to how to fix it as it still connects and brings itunes up when plugged in so i'm hoping there's some hope.

  Babou 22:10 05 Oct 2012

My first thought is to reset the iPod.


  Anya 22:26 05 Oct 2012

Already done that . Wish I hadn't as it meant I wiped all of the music and podcasts which at least i'd have still had access to.

  rdave13 22:28 05 Oct 2012

Anya , Has Apple no forums for these problems?

  Anya 22:33 05 Oct 2012

I've followed all of the available help from disabling itunes to checking the hard disk but nothing has worked. I've bad luck with players and have been through four in just three years , all different brands.

  Anya 18:28 06 Oct 2012

Does anyone know of a site were I can ask about this? I've tried apple and here and will give up if I can't figure it out by Monday but just want to give it one last try!

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