ipod/itouch headphone problems

  Delfer 20:54 25 Sep 2009

Since I upgraded to a video ipod and since an ipod touch I've gone through 4 sets of decent headphones - inc Shure, Sennheisser etc. In each case one channel either goes completely or is very faint. It can't be the model (unless I'm really unlucky having it happen to 2 different devices), it can't be the headphones - 4 different brands either. Logic says its the software, I've kept my itunes updated and no-one reckons it can be. Apple have given me a phone number and said that it can be checked out but even if it is replaced it might continue and I'm out of pocket!
The only earphones that work, interestingly enough are the ones supplied with it but they are so uncomfortable!
Help, anyone??

  I am Spartacus 23:13 25 Sep 2009

It could well be the headphone socket. I've noticed that on my Touch that I occasionally have to wiggle the plug to get both earphones working. It rarely does it on the Apple headphones but does it on my Sony's.

  Delfer 23:16 25 Sep 2009

Thanks - I should have explained more clearly, the headphones will not work at all in any device any more

  AL47 23:51 25 Sep 2009

ive had this with the chep ibuds and another set of senhiesers, but my really expensive ultimate ears headphones have been going fine, i think its something physical in the headphone, a loose wire, not sure, coincidently, my ultimate ears are a completely different design to any others ive tried,

FYI ultimate ears triple fi 10, the cables are detachable form the each earpiece

  Delfer 00:24 26 Sep 2009

Thanks, I might have been unlucky, but 4 pairs? Those triple fi 10 are £200 plus, i was hoping for a cheaper solution!

  mooly 07:41 26 Sep 2009

It's usually a break in the fine wires in the cord. A common problem :(

  Delfer 10:51 26 Sep 2009

Thanks, it's probably more common than I thought. The only thing that makes me suspicious is that the last time it happened was immediately following a synch on my laptop.

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