iPod wont update podcasts

  pellim 03:27 04 Dec 2011

I've just copied my iTunes library on to a new PC - running Windows 7. I authorised my PC and synced my iPod as instructed. All seemed fine. I then downloaded some recent BBC podcasts and plugged in my iPod. "Sync complete" etc. Unplugged the iPod and checked it out. All my previous podcasts (and all my music and photos ) are there, but none of the new downloads. I've tried several times, but nothing doing. The iPod is charged up and apparently working fine. Please can anyone help?

  mole44 04:23 04 Dec 2011

Have you tried re-subscribing to them

  pellim 15:21 04 Dec 2011

Thanks mole44. I have re-subscribed to the programs I want. I've also checked that my iPod software is up-to-date, which it is. No good. The iTunes window says it is syncing, and the progress wheel on the iPod turns for eight seconds or so. Then iTunes says syncing is complete - but nothing has been downloaded. I can listen to any music or podcast on either iTunes or iPod, but it's just those recent podcasts I can't access. I'd be grateful for any other suggestions.

  john bunyan 16:56 04 Dec 2011

Do you use auto synch, or manual (I use manual as I have several Libraries and 4 ipod users, each with their own playlists etc.)In iTunes, Edit / Preferences/ General, is Podcasts checked? In iTunes/Preferences/Devices, I check the box "Prevent iPods etc from synching automatically" In this way when you connect the iPod you can "tell" it which playlists, podcasts etc you want. May be worth a try.

  pellim 20:51 04 Dec 2011

Thank you, john bunyan. I've tried your suggestion but the situation remains the same, I'm afraid. I have the feeling that along the line I missed a vital step! One thought occurs - my old PC is switched off, but I haven't uninstalled iTunes on it. Could there be any sort of conflict there?

  john bunyan 16:22 05 Dec 2011

pellim You are allowed up to 5 PC's per iTunes account. I assume you have "authorised" the new one. If you can't solve it, I have found Apple tech help quite good. Phone your nearest Apple store and ask for the tech helpline. They helped recently with a forced reset on an iPod touch where too many attempts to open it with a forgotten password caused a problem. I phoned on a local line, but the actual helpers could be anywhere.

  pellim 22:20 05 Dec 2011

Thanks again, john bunyan. Yes, authorisation is all in order. I'll try Apple tech help. I've been battling my way through the online manuals. Hadn't realised I could speak to a human being somewhere. I'll report back.

  pellim 21:22 06 Dec 2011

Success! I phoned Apple and got to speak to a very helpful techie. Under his instruction I opened iTunes and plugged in my iPod. In the left-hand column there appears "Devices" and my name + iPod underneath, which I clicked on. This brings up a new window with one's name and the iPod serial number. At the top is a grey strip with various headings, one of which is "Podcasts". Click on that and another window opens with a box and message next to it: "Sync podcast". That box must be checked. Below that are choices like "all" or "next 3 podcasts" or whatever. Click Apply and finish. I'd no idea that was there, neither had I realised the excellent help to be had from Apple. Thanks again, john bunyan.

  john bunyan 12:19 07 Dec 2011

pellim. Glad you solved it - thanks for the useful feedback.

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