Ipod transfer misery

  corb 20:12 14 Oct 2008


You have probably heard all this before, although I have looked on the previous forums and cannot find the answer. I am trying to move my itunes to a new computer. I have a 2nd generation nano. I followed the instructions from apples website, using my ipod as a hardrive, copied the itunes library, which is a lot of folders with funny names f000, f001 etc. Opened it up on my new computer, copied it to where my newly downloaded itunes software should be able to pick it up from, and then when I open itunes there is nothing listed in the library or showing. Even though the files have been copied. I don't know what I have done wrong and cant seem to find anyone who does either. Please help!

  sanchoPanza 20:38 14 Oct 2008

xp to vista? or like for like.

  corb 20:48 14 Oct 2008

xp to xp

  sanchoPanza 20:56 14 Oct 2008

are these the ones you copied over
1. Copy C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\ into the identical folder in new install.
2. Copy C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\ into the identical folder in new install
3. Copy entire contents of old C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\ into the identical folder in new install

  corb 21:01 14 Oct 2008

Not sure if I understand you! but I copied the whole itunes folder from my music on the original computer to my ipod and then on the new computer, my music, I removed the itunes folder that was there (appeared after downloading itunes software) and replaced it/copied it with the one on my ipod. (that i had originally got from my music on the first computer) i think i said that already! :)

  corb 21:02 14 Oct 2008

this is what apple instructed on perhpas their not so helpful factsheet!

  sanchoPanza 21:39 14 Oct 2008

this the one?
click here

  corb 21:49 14 Oct 2008

thats the one, i clicked "here" in the first paragraph and followed the destructions it seems!

  ^wave^ 09:09 15 Oct 2008

hi try going to ilounge.com great site for all things ipod gives step by step tutorials on how to do this

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