ipod touch & iTunes import from CD problems help!

  compumac 19:37 03 Mar 2010

Just bought an Ipod touch for my daughter. Transfering/importing CD's seemed to work initially using iTunes. but have found that the last two or three CD's that have contained up to 20 tracks -when importing to iTunes gets slower and slower and that the last few tracks are rubbish. I then remove the copied tracks and then try again to import only the tracks that did not copy across the first time, - this does not work either. The CD's play all tracks perfectly well using Windows Media Player and also when using in a stand-alone CD player. What am I dong wrong?

  john bunyan 19:46 03 Mar 2010

Have you set preferences? I prefer to import as MP3 as then you can more easily copy to other devices. 1. Click on Edit, Preferences, Import settings. I use MP3 Encoder, High quality (160 Kps)
Should not slow down, may take about 30 sec per track

  compumac 21:53 03 Mar 2010

john bunyan
Thanks for that. It did seem to work as you suggested and I was able to convert two CD's OK. However on the third CD it again reverted to slowing down and when the tracks were finally converted I found that they were all distorted. I checked on the settings again and found that they had reverted back to AAC encoder. I have at this time started again using again the MP3 encoder but wonder as to how it would have reverted to AAC encoder? What are the implications of the various options?

  john bunyan 10:25 04 Mar 2010

It may be worth uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes See Below:
click here
I dont know why the settings would revert. There are lots of codecs for music, but for your daughter's iPod and pop type music, MP3 is fine at 128000 Kps or a bit higher. The default iTunes is M4P or AAC, - they supply their downloads in M4P unless you pay a bit more for MP3. I prefer if possible to use MP3 as it is more flexible if you change players. Also I stongly reccomend you back up the iTunes folder to an external HD

  john bunyan 12:02 04 Mar 2010

By the way the iTunes actual programme files are by default in the Programme Files folder. You can store the rest where you like. I have a data partition with "My Documents" / "My Music" then I have i Tunes in there with its sub folders. Easier to back up the whole iTunes - that is the last bit, the programme itself can always be downloaded..

  compumac 18:22 04 Mar 2010

john bunyan
Thanks for your input. I installed iTunes on another PC and connected the ipod to it and am able, so far, to install eighteen CD's that work on the ipod perfectly. I left it at AAC encoder settings and the tracks imported as you said at about 30 seconds per track. It might very well be as you say that the iTunes needs to be reinstalled on that PC, although I am suspecting the CD player itself. Also take your point in respect of data generated - all my data is kept completely on a separate partition and sychncronised further to and external drive. Belt & braces squared.

  john bunyan 18:33 04 Mar 2010

Good. Such tracks can be converted to Mp3 within iTunes if you wish. If you buy from iTunes they come in as M4P, but if you burn to an Audio CD and reimport, you can convert to Mp3.As I have my own and two Grandchildren's iPods including 2 libraries, In Edit, Preferences, Device, I check the box "Do not Auto Synch", so each iPod can import the films or music it wants. One grand daughter has about 12 films such as "Slumdog Millionaire" shrunk to under i Gig each.
Good luck with the Touch.

  compumac 18:48 04 Mar 2010

john bunyan
Thanks for info, much appreciated. I am expecting my grandson over on Sunday and he does not have an ipod - I anticipate that there will be hints from him.

  compumac 20:08 04 Mar 2010

One further question - I find that there have been two occasions when copying a CD that perhaps may have 20 tracks, 19 of the tracks are by one artist but the 20th is by a different artist and is placed in its own separate folder - different to the other 19. I tried to copy that single track from the one folder to the folder holding the 19, but this does not seem to work. Advice requested.

  john bunyan 21:27 04 Mar 2010

I Tunes sorts by Artist. In Music You can sort by tune (alphabetical order, or by artist, by album) - not by complilations.You can create playlists with any tunes you like in them eg My Jazz etc.Drag and drop into the playlist you create - the tune will not be duplicated, just appears when you select the playlist on the PC or iPod. You could create a playlist called, eg Daily Mail Special and drag the 20 tunes into it.

  compumac 22:15 04 Mar 2010

John Bunyan.
Thanks for that but at what stage do you do you use the sort option in order to keep all of the content of one album together and not separate them?

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