Ipod touch 8GB Needs help

  Daiol 22:14 14 Apr 2013

Hi,My son has given me an apple IPOd touch 8GB I dont have Itunes and I dont really want to install it. But is there another way to get photos on to it without itunes,I woulvery much like to use it to put some photos of my granddaughter on it so I can show her off,I suppose we are all proud of our grand children. I have windows 7 home premium. Any help on this Please.

  mgmcc 22:27 14 Apr 2013

You will need to install iTunes to be able to transfer files to/from the iPod, that's the way Apple products work.

  Daiol 08:22 15 Apr 2013

Thanks.Rather bad news. That's life

many Thanks.

  john bunyan 08:51 15 Apr 2013

I have no idea if this works, but have a look here:


  Daiol 15:55 15 Apr 2013

john.Thanks for that link,Now I had the email notification but seen your reply earlier. I did give it a go went well the only draw back was you could only transfer 15 items then you had to buy.

Many thanks for the though it was very kind of you. daiol

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