iPod touch 2nd Gen & In-Ear phones with mic

  ykzn 02:42 28 Sep 2009

Hi all!

I have recently purchased an In-Ear Phone with remote and mic and everything works well except the mic. When I connected it to my iPod touch 2nd Gen, it seems that I couldn't use the mic at all! I cannot find the relevant application for this voice recording function of the mic.

What do I need to do? Am I missing steps or applications?

So, please, all suggestions are welcome!

  Graphicool1 09:07 28 Sep 2009

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  I am Spartacus 09:15 28 Sep 2009

Have you got OS 3.1 installed? This gives you a voice recording application.

  ykzn 07:49 29 Sep 2009

I am Spartacus

Thanks! But I still haven't upgraded my firmware 2.2.1. And moreover, I still have the 3.0 OS/firmware file downloaded and not updated my iPod touch.

So, what should I do? Should I just update to 3.0 first?
Will this 3.0 OS/firmware provide me with some voice recording application?

Please suggest me! Thanks!

  I am Spartacus 08:31 29 Sep 2009

I would connect and let iTunes determine which way to do the upgrade. Only OS 3 gives you the voice recording app. It's very, very good too with the Apple headphones/mic. I've been impressed with the clarity and quality of the recordings.

I also have one of these 'ThumbTack' microphones click here and they're rubbish.

  brambles 18:28 29 Sep 2009

Firstly ykzn the update for iPhones is free but, we who only have the iPod Touch have to pay for it. Can't remember how much I paid just over a fiver but it was well worth it. Go to iTunes connect your iPod pay and download the upgrade.

When you've finished you will have an icon showing a big old fashioned radio microphone - click on that to open the sound recording application. The upgrade also gives you the ability to switch the qwerty keyboard to landscape mode. It also gives you the ability to thoroughly search your device to locate an email/photo etc. Upgrade and enjoy.

I downloaded from the App store Skype - you can use this if you have Skype account and it will show all your contacts.


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