Ipod Speakers

  ponytail 18:54 19 May 2010

I know this problem is not computer related but perhaps someone can advise.My wife is going on a walking holiday to Austria in August and would like to get a ipod but she also wants to have some sort of external speaker system.I do not know much about these things so need some advice.I see you can get a ipod dock which I believe is some sort of speaker.I was thinking of a speaker with a output of about 2 watts.Can some one advise of a decent ipod and also a speaker system to suit but not too big as it will go in her suitcase and not too expensive.I am sure someone out there can help.

  ^wave^ 08:26 20 May 2010

take a look at ilounge do good reviews on all things ipod

  gengiscant 08:48 20 May 2010

What is your budget?

  ponytail 13:24 20 May 2010

Hi gengiscant
Not sure what these sort of items cost we need the ipod and the speaker dock if that is what is classed as the speaker.Would not want to pay more than £100 and £75 would be nearer the mark.Any ideas.

  gengiscant 13:51 20 May 2010

Before we look at your options.Will the dock/speakers be used outdoors or indoors? do they need to be mains or battery or both,
This one is pretty good,so I am told. click here
but here is a large list, see if any take your fancy and post back.click here

  ponytail 21:33 22 May 2010

Hi Again gengiscant
It will be for indoor use mains would be best but mains and battery would obviously be better but not solely battery.

  windsock 23:07 22 May 2010

hi ponytail have a look at thisclick here
i bought one for daughter at christmas so good for money i bought another, sound is unreal for £17.99 you wont be dissapointed

  ponytail 07:20 23 May 2010

Hi windsock,
Thanks for your suggestion will this take any ipod or just the apple one and what type of lead connects the ipod to the dock.

Thanks again

  windsock 08:31 23 May 2010

it takes all ipods and also any mp3 player they plug in back ipod docks on top

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