ipod shuffle/touch

  STAAKER 2000 © 17:30 28 Mar 2010

I use itunes on this to download stuff onto my shuffle, My daughter has just got a new ipod touch and she doesnt want her old dads tunes on her new gadget is it likely that the one account will recognize both devices or will she need an account of her own. Windows Vista, Thanks in advance.

  Labdweller 17:34 28 Mar 2010

I believe it needs to be a separate account.

  bremner 17:59 28 Mar 2010

iTunes can recognise any amount of iPods so long as they have different names - which you assign.

Just let her create her own playlists and she can choose to copy these to her iPod

  john bunyan 18:01 28 Mar 2010

You can deal with this in two ways - either have all the music in one library, but create individual playlists for you and your daughter. (In iTunes, Edit/ Preferences/ devices click "do not auto synch) then "tell" each device to import the playlist it wants - not all music). A better way is to have two libraries. To do this hold down the shift key as you launch i Tunes and select the option " create new library"Name it so you know which is which eg dad's library. . Then put each of your prefered music in each library using "Add file (or folder) to the library. Then before connecting the relevant iPod again launch i tunes holding down the shift key and select the relevant library, and connect the i pod of choice. I hav two libraries ( and two accounts, but you don't need two accounts if you dont need them) Whever way you choose, do stop the auto shynch function as above.You can have copies in each library if there are tunes you both like. Come back if you need further help. NB do back all "Music" to another drive!!!

  john bunyan 18:20 28 Mar 2010

PS when you first connect the new iPod you can name it, for example, "Jane's iPod" . We have four iPods in use, My wife's and several grand daughters each with a named iPods, two libraries, two or three accounts (so that they can put their iTunes voucher on their own account.)

  john bunyan 18:23 28 Mar 2010

You have ticked resolved - did you solve it?

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