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  originalmiscellany 19:44 25 May 2005

I have an external hard drive where I store my mp3's which I sync to my ipod on a daily basis.

On my H drive, I have 2 folders - Music and the Ipod folder which is where the music is stored and ordered using Itunes. The Music folder contains folders such as "R.E.M." and inside that are separate folders containing MP3's of the CD's which I own...

When I use Itunes to consolidate the library, it doesn't store the music in that folder order but in another manner.

My question is, that as the 2 folders MUSIC and ITUNES are identical, can I delete the folder "MUSIC" safe in the knowledge that Itunes will be fine?

If I reformat my computer (which I plan to do over half term), can I re-sync my Ipod to the "ITUNES" folder, which will sort out all the songs, or do I need to keep the "MUSIC" folder to transfer them back onto my ipod?

Does this make sense?
I hope so!


  originalmiscellany 14:47 26 May 2005


  Magik ®© 16:05 26 May 2005

drag the tracks out of the music folder, delete the folder and then drag all the tracks back into the iPod folder........

  originalmiscellany 16:19 26 May 2005

as ever, cheers

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