ipod problem

  Kingfisher 18:38 25 Dec 2006

just bought my daughter ai ipod nano, can any one tell me how to delete library files that build up on the pc hard drive, it seems that when I delete them and then reconnect the ipod i get a message that says resyncing the ipod will delete all songs on the ipod which it does. how can i delete library files without losing files off of ipod. Merry christmas to all the techies who have helped me throughout the year.
many thanks

  9sublime 18:46 25 Dec 2006

the ipod looks at what has changed in the itunes library and updates it accordingly. Therefore, it deletes any songs that have left your library since it last updated.
You cannot delete songs on the itunes library and keep them on the ipod unless you use manual syncing.
You can do this by changing the ipod options to manual update. This means that you have to (I believe) drag and drop which songs you want and delete songs you dont want on the ipod off the ipod itself.
If I was you, I wouldnt delete the songs completley anyway. You can retrieve songs off your ipod, but if the ipod messes up, you want have the songs on your ipod or your computer.
Back up the songs to an external HD if you are going to delete them, then you can always get them back should you need them.

  Kingfisher 18:52 25 Dec 2006

Hi 9sublime thanks for your advice but am concerned about the library taking up lots of space on my hard drive,so if I back up to external hard drive and delete from my c drive will itunes still recognise them and not delete them at next ipod connection

  9sublime 20:28 25 Dec 2006

thats actually a plan.
put all your songs in an external HD, then add them into your itunes library.
This will mean that you could probably unplug the HD and still have all the songs in your itunes, tricking your ipod into believing they are still avaliable.
Alternativley, you could buy an external HD (i bought a nice 80gb maxtor for 45 pound brand new for xmas), and always leave it plugged in and do the same.
Manual update is always another option, which means it wont matter if they are on your pc or not.

  Kingfisher 21:50 25 Dec 2006

Thanks again 9sublime will consider an external hard drive or manual option, will click as resolved
merry xmas

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