iPod Nano/iTunes library question

  FatboySlim71 21:57 23 Jul 2009

I have recently purchased a iPod Nano, but the battery appears to be not holding a charge very well, whether this is because it is new or not well I'm not sure but if it continues to do this I will be returning it to the shop for a replacement.

The questions I have are:

I still have all the songs which I have imported over on to my PC in the appropriate folder that they were placed in by the iTunes software, these were imported over in the Apple Lossless format (for sound quality reasons). My question is, if I get the same type of iPod (Nano) if I do need to get a replacement, will I be able to just connect the replacement iPod up and sync all the songs etc that my present iPod has on it over on to the replacement iPod. Basically I would want everything identical on the replacement iPod has to the one I have now, or will iTunes not allow me to do this because the songs have been synced to another iPod previously?

  FatboySlim71 08:14 24 Jul 2009


  john bunyan 08:49 24 Jul 2009

Assuming you have i Tunes, when you first connect the new iPod it will ask you to register it. If you have an iTunes account (from buying and registeing vouchers) it will ask for the account name and password. If not you create one when the i Pod is registered. I suggest you set the iPOd to synch manually (in i tunes preferences - devices check do not auto synch). Then synch after seeing all the music is in the library. It may ask you to authorise in iStore if a different account name was used to buy downloaded tunes but up to 5 PC's can be authorised. It does not matter what i pod you buy - I hane two classics , a nano and a touch owned by varios grandchildren using different playlists on on (actually two ) libraries.

  FatboySlim71 09:02 24 Jul 2009

Thanks for the reply john bunyan its much appreciated.

I am hoping that the short battery life is just down to either the Nano been new and it been its first charge or that I may have inadvertently depressed a button when I put the Nano in my sports bag after use and from there it has been on till the battery died, (but the latter I think I would have noticed).

I have noticed that the battery indicator seems to go down quickly and then up again, but with the quoted battery life been around 24 hours I would not have expected the battery indicator to have moved down in the 30 mins or so of use. I will see how the Nano's battery lasts with its second charge and if its very short I will return it has it would seem to be a defective battery.

All the songs I have on the Nano were put on off of CD, so will the iTunes account and the iStore you mention not be relevant because of all the songs been off of CD?

  FatboySlim71 09:07 24 Jul 2009

I forgot to mention I have the 'disable auto sync for iPods' disabled already in preferences, the reason for this is that I have two separate libraries, one been for my iPod and the other been for my girlfriend's iPod, I switch between these by holding down SHIFT while iTunes loads up and then I choose the relevant library.

  john bunyan 09:13 24 Jul 2009

Not sure about batteries. These are the only items I pay for an extended warranty, and two Classics have needed repair. No problem with CD imports. Just register your new Nano or other iPOd when you connect it in your own library.Use eMail plus a log in that you recall as an account when asked. I have two libraries and two accounts.

  FatboySlim71 09:15 24 Jul 2009

Thanks john for the help its appreciated.

  FatboySlim71 01:10 26 Jul 2009

I'll mark this has resolved because I had to return the faulty iPod Nano to the shop and I was unable to get another one has there were none in stock. Instead I got a Sony Walkman MP3 player and to be honest I find it blows the iPod away in terms of sound quality by a MASSIVE amount.

Thanks John Bunyan for taking the time to help me it was much appreciated.

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