Ipod Nano - Capacity problem

  Ronniewebb1 13:29 28 May 2007


I wonder if anyone out there in the big WWW can help. I have an 8 gig gen 2 nano. When I try to sync with my PCs itunes, it doesn't upload all the tunes.

It says that my library size is 7.32 g. On my Nano it says that the library size is 7.4g, with 2.3g available.

How do I access the full capacity on my Nano???

Any replies would be gratefully received.



  Kate B 13:33 28 May 2007

The 8GB that your Nano says it has is the unformatted capacity: a formatted drive's capacity is always smaller. So your formatted 8GB drive is more likely to be around the 7GB mark (I don't know if there's a formula for working this out) and so your library probably is too big for the Nano. Futhermore, the Nano's hard drive will contain the player's firmware, which will obviously eat up some space.

  bremner 13:41 28 May 2007

Formatting makes a small difference - the true difference is that the manufacturers use 1000 bytes per kilobyte when the true value is 1024 bytes.

Therefore to truely calculate your drive size in GB it is

8000000000 / 1024/1024/1024 = 7.45GB

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