Ipod nano

  curtis8345 16:18 10 May 2006

my nano's screen has broken , how can i fix it?

Is there a way of opening it?


  Jimmy14 17:58 10 May 2006

why not return it to Apple and get it fixed?

  curtis8345 18:14 10 May 2006

How much will that cost?

  wee eddie 18:18 10 May 2006

If one takes all the costs into account, there is likely to be little difference between replace or repair.

  curtis8345 18:20 10 May 2006

is ther anyware on the internet that sells replacment lcd's

  GuZ.0r 18:20 10 May 2006

How long have you had the Nano?

  curtis8345 18:22 10 May 2006

about 2 months

  GuZ.0r 18:31 10 May 2006

Ring up Apple or take it to a shop.

They should just replace it free of charge.

  GuZ.0r 18:32 10 May 2006

apple shop that is

  curtis8345 18:33 10 May 2006

ok thanks for all of your help

  Noelg23 18:45 10 May 2006

I work at Apple call centre...ring us up as long as you havent broken it yourself we will happily replace it for you as the Nanos have these problems with the screens...and if u ask me I hate iPods...in fact I hate Macs and Apple altogether...yeah I work for them but its a job...been here over a year now...help me!! haha...but yeah ring up and we will sort it...

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