Ipod and ITunes

  gerryp96 22:10 02 Feb 2006

A friend of mine has one of the Ipod's don't know which version, because he has Windows ME he can't use the Itunes to download music on to his Ipod he has to get someone to do it for him. This friend has said that if any additional music is downloaded it will wipe all his music which is on the Ipod even if there is loads of room left. Is this correct?, I have an Aigo MP3 player and I can add additional music so what makes the Ipod different.
Thanks for any help

  User-312386 22:18 02 Feb 2006
  SG Atlantis® 22:21 02 Feb 2006

I don't think that's correct, although I don't own an ipod I have a Sanyo player, what your saying doesn't make sense.

Why would it keep overwriting the saved tracks if there's space left?

  User-312386 22:24 02 Feb 2006

His "friend" has removed the music from his PC and if he does try to install anything then it will wipe the IPOD

  gerryp96 23:01 02 Feb 2006

Madboy33 I think you are inferring that the 'friend 'is me but I'm not guilty, honest. I didn't think what he's been told was correct either but not having an Mp3 player at that time I couldn't argue.
Would it be possible for me to add additional tracks to the Ipod taking into account that the tracks on his Ipod wouldn't be on my computer so it might wipe out what was on his Ipod, does that make sense?????

  User-312386 23:47 02 Feb 2006

I was not inferring that your "friend" as you.

All i am saying is that if the music and the database from the itunes have been removed then the ipod will be wiped clean

Why not use the the ME ipod emulator that i have given a link for so you can load your own tracks on the ipod

  Kate B 01:14 03 Feb 2006

When you plug an iPod into a new computer using iTunes it needs to register with that machine. If you click yes, please register this iPod with this computer, iTunes will indeed wipe the iPod clean ready to sync with iTunes on the new computer. It's an anti-piracy measure.

Get round it by using Ephpod or Xplay - both very good third-party apps that allow you not to use iTunes to manage your iPod.

  gerryp96 21:08 03 Feb 2006

Sorry Madboy33, shouldn't have suspected foul play.
Kate B thanks for your suggestion as well, will have another look at both your solutions.
Thanks for help.

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