ipod help

  wky 18:58 25 May 2006

Hi, I just received an ipod mini today and it doesn't seem to work. I connected it to my laptop after installing the software but my computer didn't recognise it until about a few minutes of charging, then itunes told me to update the software, but the option to do that didn't work, so I restored the ipod instead, now it tells me to connect the ipod using the ac adapter which I need to buy. What shoudl I do? is it faulty? cheers. btw, I can't do anything with it, the icon for connecting it to the ac adapter just keeps showing up.

I have an Ipod photo which did exactly what you are saying has happened to you.
Have you downloaded the official update from apple.com ?
As the software which comes with the ipod is out of date.
You do not need an ac adaptor as the ipod will charge up whilst you are on your laptop but if you are not using the laptop then 'Yes' you will need ac adaptor
I would say the ipod as a whole can be tricky sometimes as 9/10 it will not update.
It can be annoying but if you are not happy return the item.
But mine is running fine and is probably 1 of the best out there.
Hope it helps

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